Tube Traffic Secrets 2017 Launch Update

Fifty-Thousand Dollars in Bonus Cash And Prizes will be up for grabs, including Twenty-Five Thousand Dollars for top the top Tube Traffic Secrets™ Affiliate! *

Here’s what I’m talking about:

It has been almost 4 ½ years since I released a new version of my hottest selling Tube Traffic Secrets™ (my YouTube traffic-getting, list building and customer finding training program).

However, instead of simply releasing another updated version of the existing product…
I’m tearing the old one down and completely rebuilding it from the ground up.

It’s the All-New 2017 Edition of Tube Traffic Secrets™, and it’s going to be an insanely hot offer.

The last launch had and an average EPC of $8.42 (which is great for a $497 product) with several Affiliates hitting well over $20 EPC.

The refund rate has also held steady at well below 10%, which means you get to keep more of the commissions you earn.

And it has been one of my best-selling training programs so you should be able to make the easy sale (especially during the launch) and grab yourself a big, fat commission check… and hopefully some of the Fifty-Thousand Dollars ($50,000.00) in bonus cash and prizes that will be up for grabs… including 25k for the top Affiliate. *


Tube Traffic Secrets™ All-New 2017 Edition.

Tube Traffic Secrets™ is a private membership site and training program where I teach them how to build a bigger list, get more traffic, and find more customers by tapping into the marketing power of YouTube.


$497.00 or 3 easy payments of $199.00 each.


40% on the regular Tube Traffic Secrets™ offer.

Plus, you’ll have the chance to earn additional commissions on the upsells, back-end sales, and even monthly recurring commissions.

Refund Policy: 30 Days

Important Dates:

Pre-Launch Starts: May 10th

Cart Opens: May 23rd


Jeff Johnson


If you haven’t joined our new Infusionsoft-based Affiliate Program yet… please apply here.

* Bonus Terms: I, Jeff Johnson, am the only one that decides who gets a Bonus, if any, and what that Bonus will be. I reserve the right to modify my Bonus Offer(s) in any way, shape or form including cancelling it if necessary due to unforeseen circumstances. Affiliate is responsible for any taxes due and must submit all necessary tax forms requested by P.R.M. LLC in a timely fashion or Bonus may be forfeited.

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