Promotional Guidelines

Please keep in mind that our Affiliate Promotional Guidelines and our Affiliate Agreement are designed to help protect the public and our Affiliates, including you.

Here are just a few of the Affiliate Promotion Guidelines that I expect you to follow when promoting Tube Traffic Secrets 2.0, Traffic And Leads Training Academy (or when promoting our other products or services for that matter):

This is not a complete or comprehensive list but these guidelines should help get you started:

1. Two or more people can NOT share and promote the same Affiliate link (a.k.a. teaming up) in an attempt to win a bonus prizes UNLESS those two or more people have an existing formalized business relationship (such as co-owners of their company).

2. Do NOT build pages or websites that may easily lead visitors to believe they are “official product sites” or “Jeff Johnson” pages or websites. Clearly label your websites as yours and make it clear that I do NOT own them.

That includes NOT USING my logos or products names in the header of your page, your site or as the header for your blog.Affiliates are allowed to use the official Affiliate banners and logos we provide for advertisements but they are not intended to be used as design elements for your site/blog.

I also suggest that you fully disclose your Affiliate relationship in keeping with the FTC guidelines.

3. Do NOT tell your potential buyers that they can keep your bonus offer even if they refund our products and/or services. Doing so will lead to low quality buyers and high refund rates and we aren’t interested in attracting those types of buyers.

4. Do  NOT instruct existing product owners to refund their orders so they can re-order using your link in order to get your bonus.

5. Do  NOT tell existing product owners have their affiliate commission reassigned to you so they can claim your bonus offer.

6. Affiliates may NOT register or use existing domain name/ URL that contain the names and/or trademarks of any of our products or services,   or any variations of thereof.

Our authorized Affiliates may use our trademarks/product names/service names in their page titles when promoting our products as an authorize Affiliate, but they may not use them in the root domain itself.

For example: “” would NOT be an acceptable domain name because it contains our trademark (product name) in it.

However, trafficandleadstrainingacademybonus.html would be acceptable because it is the title of a page on your website and you are using it to promote our product and services as an authorized Affiliate.

Also, do NOT use our trademarks/product names/service names on social media pages on sites such as youtube, facebook, twitter, etc.

For example: would not be an acceptable page name to use since it contains “Traffic and Leads Training Academy™”.
If you have any questions about this policy, or any others… please contact our Affiliate Team for clarification.

7. No cash rebates allowed.

8. Spam of any sort (social, email, etc.) will NOT be tolerated!

9. No “cookie stuffing” or automated cookie setting allowed.

10. No direct linking allowed (CPV/PPV offers, etc.).

Once again, our Affiliate Promotional Guidelines and our Affiliate Agreement are designed to protect the public and our Affiliates, including you.

The accounts of Affiliates suspected of  violating our Affiliate Agreement and/or Promotional Guidelines  are subject to immediate suspension and/or  termination  as soon as the violation is verified, with a cancellation of any pending monies or commissions owed.

Please refer to our Affiliate Agreement and other Terms and Conditions listed on our website for complete details.


Bonus Terms: I, Jeff Johnson, am the only one who decides who gets a Bonus, if any, and what that Bonus will be. I reserve the right to modify my Bonus offer in any way, shape or form including cancelling it if necessary. Affiliate is responsible for any taxes due and must submit all necessary tax forms to P.R.M. LLC in a timely fashion or Bonus will be forfeited. I reserve the right to award the “approximate retail value” cash equivalent (in U.S. dollars via paypal) in lieu of any of the bonus items themselves.


If you need anything please Contact our Affiliate Team and they’ll be glad to hook you up.

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